San Jose

Cathedral in San Jose Cafe at the Doka Coffee plantation Doka Coffee Estate outside San Jose Structure of Coffee bean
Roasting the coffee beans Raking coffee beans so they dry in the sun, before they can be roasted Raw coffee fruit, just picked Dried beans, ready for roasting
Coffee beans ready for export Dried beans ready for roasting Coffee plantation Pretty waterfall at La Paz in San Jose
Cuddling a toucan... Can you feel the love..? Enormous foliage feeding hummingbirds at La Paz Park in San Jose Winged jewel... Those buzzy little wings are loud!
The many hummingbirds of Costa Rica Wee tree frog Now how about that bowl of Fruit Loops? Glamor-puss Toucan
Tropical butterfly cocoons (see the two that hatched?) A Symbol of Costa Rica: brightly painted bullock cart Feeding the hungry hummers Iridescent blue hummer (the bird, not the tourist)
Wow. Just wow. Staring into the eye of a snake Green jugle snake Clouds in the jungle
switchback on the road from San Jose Cloud forest Rich agricultural lands in Costa Rica Blue Morpho Butterfly
Blue Morpho Butterfly underside of wings Dig in!