Fishing boats on the way to Quepos from La Fortuna A view of the sea along the coastal road to Quepos Buying som coffee and munchies for the road at a rest stop between La Fortuna and Quepos A bar built out of a vintage aircraft in Quepos, on the way to Manuel Antonio Park
Inside the vintage airplane bar A restaurant built near an abandoned Allegro passenger jet The abandoned Allegro jet, awaiting renovations to become a bar/restaurant The restaurant near the jet
An amazing way to end the day... Paradise: the beach at Manuel Antonio Park A wild Capuchin Monkey (Affectionately known by us as "Schminkie") Paradise. I am NOT leaving...
Wild iguana near the beach at Manuel Antonio Park A pelican on the rocks at Manuel Antonio Park Oh dear... A pair of Schminkies... otherwise known as Capuchin Monkeys
Enjoying the beach at Manuel Antonio Park Entrance to the beaches at Manuel Antonio Park Jungle path near the beach One of many beaches at Manuel Antonio Park. Too many people? There's another spot nearby.
Tourist shops near the beach No better way to spend an afternoon... Seashell Haiku Another fine day coming to a close at the beach
Frigate Bird Cold coconuts for drinking Fresh fruits at the Farmers' Market in Quepos Fresh pineapple at the Farmers' Market
Fresh vegetables at the Farmers' Market Tropical colors in downtown Quepos Tropical fruits (oranges and cherimoyas) Leisurely evening Farmers' Market
Fruits in the Farmer's Market Golden blossoms in the trees Pedestrian walk in Quepos Skateboarding along the beach
Frigate Bird CR170 Catamarans sail along the coast near Quepos Our catamaran (those are water slides in the back of the boat)
On deck Mountains, ocean, out on a boat... perfect! a happy tourist Parasailing at Manuel Antonio Park
Dolphins swimming alongside our catamaran Pelicans Going for a swim in the balmy waters Quepos beach boat ride
Dolphin Mother and baby dolphins Quepos from the water Looking at the beach from the catamaran
CR164 Frigate birds roosting Sunset Setting sun
Quepos boat dock at twilight Postage-Stamp Vine Fishing boats on the way to Quepos Wild Macaw
Peruvian restaurant in Quepos Dolphins swimming with our catamaran Parasailing Carnival rides at the fair
Merry-go-round at night Bartender girls at the fair outside Quepos Mmmmmm... fried food at the fair! Where to grab a bite at the fair... got much more crowded as the night went on
A macaw in a nest Two macaws in a nest, in a hollowed-out section of a tree Woodpecker ("Carpintera" en espanol) Banana flower and wee bananas
amazing seafood restaurant on the road between La Fortuna and Quepos Working on the fishing nets, right outside the restaurant Wild crocodile sunning itself Catching the last rays...
Quepos sunset Quepos sunset