La Fortuna

A Costa Rican downtown scene Driving to La Fortuna from San Jose The road to our hotel... see the next photo... THe rocky drive to the resort: purposefully unpaved
Our cabin in the jungle resort Inside the resort Evening walk to the restaurant in the resort Resort Lobby
Around the resort Small golden constrictor Arenal volcano from the town of La Fortuna Inside Arenal Volcano park
Hiking the lava fileds in Arenal Park Arenal Volcano peak Tourist picture Fresh, juicy pineapple....
Coatis along the side of the road Hummingbird nest The crowds at La Fortuna Falls La Fortuna Falls (99 steps down, 999 steps up)
Tilapia for lunch Tres Leches cake Hanging Bridges walk One of many hanging bridges in the jungle
Monkey-ladder Vine Tropical flora A pair of Toucans Cloud Forest overlook at Hanging Bridges Park
One of the hanging bridges One of the hanging bridges CR59 Double colored bamboo
Wake up to THIS every morning! Wild crocodile near Rio Celeste Wild ginger plant Poison dart frog
Wooden steps to the base of a waterfall Fiddlehead of a tropical fern Coati foraging in the jungle Toucans enjoying bananas
Sloth in a tree near Rio Celeste Downtown La Fortuna La Fortuna central park Park in the center of town
Park in the center of town Park in the center of town Inside a church in La Fortuna Fiddleheads of the Monkey Tail Fern
Jungle walk to Rio Celeste The famous Rio Celeste. Ordinarily, it's bluish in color, but with heavy rains, the water was brown Typical Costa Rican lunch Traffic along a country road...
Downtown La Fortuna La Paradiso Hot Springs Baldi Hot Springs Baldi Hot Springs
Wee ones outside a rural school The park office at Rio Celeste Crowds swimming at the base of La Fortuna Waterfall A trek in the jungle
Jungle path through Carara National Park Postage-stamp Vine Costa Rican jungle turkey ("Pavo" en espanol) Bird of Paradise flower